FAQ / Suggestion Box Responses

On this page we will endeavour to answer the most frequently asked questions about the club and also to respond to any suggestions we've received via our Suggestions Box at the Club.

20th Feb 2012
Would be nice to get more feedback from coaches from gym sessions – as parents we have no idea how well they are doing / if they’re ready for next badge etc. Mini reports or similar at the end of each term would give us a valuable insight. Thank you.


ANSWER by Mike:

Thank you for this suggestion it is one we have occasionally.
It would have been helpful to know who is making the suggestion to help make a more informed reply, however generalising:
1. Recreational gym sessions are really meant to be fun and we work really hard in the club to achieve this and our membership numbers seem to suggest that we are being successful in this direction.
2. Whilst I like to think all gymnasts are extended to the level of their ability in each session it is not always the gymnasts desire to be competitive and therefore to put precedence and pressure on them to pass badges does not really encourage their enjoyment to participate and make progress at their own pace. Hence the philosophy that if they wish to attempt their badge then they should try. If they are not successful then it is hoped that this will encourage a desire to try again until they do succeed and especially so if they enjoy what they are doing.
3. The magnitude of administrative work involved to produce a term progress report on of each gymnasts is not feasible and disproportionate to the value to the majority of members, when all that needs to happen is for a parent who is unsure about a decision regarding being ready for the next badge or not can be easily asked of the group coach.
4. In the main the answer would be is that if the child is happy to try then they should be given the opportunity particularly as the new badge testing system only requires the commitment to a short period of family time out. Parents should be advised that above Badge 4 will take more than 2 or 3 terms in some cases.
5. To conclude I would encourage any parent who wished to have a report on their child’s progress in their gym sessions to put a request in the suggestion box and it will be answered. I would also encourage parents to attend the two ‘Open Weeks’ in the year to witness first hand the performance of their child and of course you are invited to ask questions on these occasions. Finally all gymnasts can enter the Club Recreational Competition in 23rd/24th June, it only requires them to put their names on the list on the notice board when it goes up early in May- this is another opportunity to establish their progress.

15th Feb 2012
My daughter attends gym on Wednesday and last year she went on the Summer Camp, which she loved why are you not doing this anymore?

(Mr Tyrrell & an anonymous enquirer)

ANSWER by Mike:

This year the programme of Camps had to be arranged differently to last year to fit in with the Club Holidays and to coincide with the Olympic Games and staff holidays. So for this year there is no Summer Camp 2, but there are 6 x Improver Courses this year and 2 of those are in August and will cater for any level of gymnast who wishes to attend. Application forms are in the club reception or can be downloaded from the website. I’m sure your daughter will enjoy either or both of these courses which are run on exactly the same principles as the ‘Summer Camp 2’. There is an Easter Camp 2 on 2nd to 5th April from 1pm to 4pm and again applications are in the reception and on the Website.

Could you consider a gym/fitness Course for those totally unfit but who would like to become fit & Healthier? I know you do an Adult Gym Class but you have to have a certain fitness level to start. A few mums have talked about the fact we are total beginners! Maybe start it as more body conditioning?

(Michelle H-Kendall & Maria Duckham

ANSWER by Mike:
Thanks ladies you are quite right and it has been a planning idea for a number of years, but four factors that make it difficult, space, time, staffing and commitment of those taking part that will sustain such an activity.
Space & Time:
1. All areas in the gym are virtually used to full capacity form 9.00am to 10.00pm daily.
2. You may however be aware that we have just got planning permission to convert the ‘Bike Shed’ into a fitness warm up room and the original intention was that it might be used by waiting parents, which would help solve the space issue.
3. However the project needs funding which takes time and energy by people dedicated to a cause (are you that type of person?)
4. The Trustees are currently striving to get a match funding loan on the premises to raise the £200,000.00 probably required for this project.
5. It will of course take time raise this kind of funding and shortly everyone will be invited to be part of the workforce to drive this project.
Staffing & Commitment:
1. Teaching & coaching gymnastics to children & young people are one thing but for adults with specific personal issues is another. It would require almost a one to one, personal fitness instructor concept and these as you might know are costly projects and would have to be supported by the individuals requiring the service. All coaches in the gym are qualified to the requirement of their input to children and supervised by the required level of coach overall; they are not really trained to take adults who are unfit.
2. Our current solution offered, as you point out is adult gym for which you do not have to have prior experience but you do require a level of fitness to make any progress. However please be advised that we do also offer Adult Cheer sessions, Pilates and starting on 24th February Zumba Dancing; all will improve basic fitness levels and are really good fun.
3. Like with all fitness activities there does have to be a commitment and sustainability of any service by the provider and the recipient. Some times adults’ activities seem a good idea at the time but then it is found that it is not practical or feasible to sustain despite the desire to do it. Passion cannot always answer the problems confronting the family mum!