Exeter Gymnastic Club’s “BABY GYM” provides a sound foundation for baby’s natural physical development. It encourages strong, supple joints and muscles which your child will rely on for the rest of it’s life. Why take chances with your child’s future strength, flexibility, balance, posture, orientation, locomotion and co-ordination when you can, through the good habit of exercising and playing with your child naturally, ensure that he or she will have these physical attributes? Exeter Baby Gymnastics sessions will guide the baby's body towards healthy development.

So relax and have fun with your baby in a safe environment with friendly qualified coaches to guide you.



(For 8 weeks to walking)
11.45am - 12.30pm

For current prices, please see FEES & MEMBERSHIP page

Baby's Benefits

  • Enjoyment, balancing and physical contact
  • Fulfilling baby's needs for physical communication by touch
  • Developing confidence, co-ordination, trust, joy and love
  • Improves a fuller range of movement, aids better posture
  • Stimulates their minds
  • Sessions are a time for having fun!

Parent's Benefits

  • Learning about their baby
  • Teaching a parent the important skills of safe-handling and support in playful, fun exercises
  • Learning how to relax and enjoy
  • Providing a great and shared pleasurable discovery
  • Meeting other parents/guardians