Recent History

Now at the beginning of 2001 with 500+ gymnasts and a membership who continue to support the Club with enthusiasm, the Club is able to proceed with confidence in the plans to improve the premises. The Bank have agreed a loan in principle, the committee are waiting for the paperwork to be completed and look forward to work beginning on the main roof of the premises which is now in a very poor state indeed.

The bank loan obtained at the end of the year the committee felt the best way forward was to renew the main roof and to build a further room, which would provide the extra space for a refreshment area and the opportunity for parents to view the main gymnasium. This would free up current training areas currently used for waiting. At the end of 2002 the roof repairs are completed and the room is well under way. It is anticipated that the whole project will be completed by early 2003.

Web Site

Also during 2002 the Club looked at different ways of promoting themselves and the fund-raising events, which as a voluntary club are so essential to the income every year. A web site has been set has been set up for the Charity It is intended that this site will provide the opportunity to support the sport of gymnastics as well as enable the Club to promote the Charity and its work, which allows so many children and young people the opportunity to take part in the sport.

Looking Forward

The Club continues to thrive with numbers of gymnasts rising to 600+. The year 2003 will see the improvements to the premises in place and the committee's new task will be to equip the room that has been built. Also the committee will hopefully be able to look at how the changing facilities for the gymnasts can be improved. The future years will always be busy as the Club continues to meet the aims of providing of it's best for all members and visitors.